Advanced DotNetNuke CMS Solutions for Enterprise & Business

We are head further into 2014 and the popularity of ASP. NET CMS platforms remains high. DotNetNuke professional edition which is now called DNN Evoq Content currently happens to be one of the Top Web Content Management Systems in ASP. NET. With over 750,000 plus websites running worldwide, DotNetNuke aka DNN (content management system) offers you a set of solutions for creating rich and rewarding online experience for customers, partners and employees. Continue reading


NopCommerce Solutions- A Complete Package For Store Development

Businesses in different verticals strive to improve quality, productivity and process time. There are plenty of open source options available in the market for developing a good website, but if you have to choose one from those hundred software, NopCommerce must be your pick

NopCommerce is the most favored open source eCommerce solution. It is a fully customizable shopping cart that has gained popularity in countries including USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Continue reading

Today Trending Technology – Develop your Single Page web Application

single page web applications

We’ve now entered a brand New year 2014 and it is quite surprising and even annoying to see people still employing the traditional multi-page model in which performance has always been a major concern since a long time. By ignoring this fact and paying high prices for such an approach which does not provide you the required results, you are sure to land up nowhere but on “THE GREATEST LOSERS” list of all time. Do you want that to happen to yourself? You’ll be screaming to death saying “NOOOOOO!”. Continue reading

Which is the Best CMS for my ASP. NET based Project?

Hire ASP.Net CMS Developer
I come across this question EVERY DAY when I am at work, at home or partying with friends and sometimes it even haunts me in my dreams. Being an ASP. NET expert, this is a tough question to answer because there are many CMSs out there that can confuse the small brains of customers/clients who are seeking for an easy way to update their web site. Continue reading

Rapid Review Of A NopCommerce Project- A Custom eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

We recently had a client who wanted to set up an online store for selling wide range of amazing and colorful branded handbags. Along with selling products the aim of the website was to offer customers create their own custom handbag by integrating selected handbag parts into a distinct custom handbag design.

What was done for the Project?

The eCommerce platform chosen was nopCommerce a .Net shopping cart product built with MVC. The client wanted his website to adapt all screen resolutions on which it will be displayed (Smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.).  Although it’s not that easy to implement a responsive layout on to a website that is built using the NopCommerce platform, we love facing different challenges when it comes to eCommerce. From content structure to scalable images, we custom designed a responsive layout for the website whose responsiveness was tested on different resolutions. As the website is responsive in nature, the user can easily use the custom module from mobiles, tablets, desktops or any other handheld devices and can easily make a custom handbag. Continue reading

Do You Have a Business Web Portal? If Yes, Is It Enough?

Static websites for business are now a dead grave and are not worth being offered condolences. The current technologies have enabled even the smallest business to rise up with a dynamic business website or portal and have helped to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

There are loads of web portals available and you need to decide the category of your site before you choose to go ahead with a Portal Web Development service provider. There are eCommerce Portals that sell and community portals that let people communicate with each other across the globe, enterprise portals that supply information to suppliers, partners, and customers. There are also intranet portals, corporate portals and the e-business portals. Once you have decided the category your web portal falls into, look for the service providers or developers who are into designing and developing a specific portal. Continue reading

Integrate SharePoint on Your Web Platform for Better Communication

Integrate SharePoint on Your Web Platform

When running an enterprise, communication is a very important arena to be observed. An enterprise could be spread in a single state or across continents. You need to ensure proper transfer of information and, seamless communication between the members of your enterprise. Probably, an employee serving a particular nation might not be a pro in some area for which he/she has to contact an employee of another area. This would need them not only proper communication channels but, also a channel using which they can share their data without any hindrance. Continue reading