Do You Have a Business Web Portal? If Yes, Is It Enough?

Static websites for business are now a dead grave and are not worth being offered condolences. The current technologies have enabled even the smallest business to rise up with a dynamic business website or portal and have helped to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

There are loads of web portals available and you need to decide the category of your site before you choose to go ahead with a Portal Web Development service provider. There are eCommerce Portals that sell and community portals that let people communicate with each other across the globe, enterprise portals that supply information to suppliers, partners, and customers. There are also intranet portals, corporate portals and the e-business portals. Once you have decided the category your web portal falls into, look for the service providers or developers who are into designing and developing a specific portal. Continue reading

Integrate SharePoint on Your Web Platform for Better Communication

Integrate SharePoint on Your Web Platform

When running an enterprise, communication is a very important arena to be observed. An enterprise could be spread in a single state or across continents. You need to ensure proper transfer of information and, seamless communication between the members of your enterprise. Probably, an employee serving a particular nation might not be a pro in some area for which he/she has to contact an employee of another area. This would need them not only proper communication channels but, also a channel using which they can share their data without any hindrance. Continue reading

DotNetNuke Development Gaining Demand for Enterprise Extensions

DotNetNuke Development is gaining popularity thanks to the overwhelming response enterprise extension development is getting. DotNetNuke is a single programming language that is considered good for writing extension programs. Though many developers still use the regular Java script or C# or DotNet to write these programs, many have shifted base to DotNetNuke. Now extension building programs are written in a manner that they are inter-compatible. Programs written in one language can be built and used in other languages too. Continue reading

Microsoft Silverlight

Develop Windows Applications for your Mobile devices using Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is an excellent tool for producing rich internet applications and media experience on the World Wide Web. When it comes to creating graphically rich and fully functional business, entertainment and utility mobile applications for Windows platform, Silverlight and Windows together create magic. Continue reading

Keep Your Business Connected With Video Conferencing, Any Where and Any Time!

Source and Modes of communication within enterprise, in-between enterprises and in between enterprise and clients is daily shifting a level up. Commence of Video conferencing websites and applications has thrown the age mobile and telephone communicating into darkness of history and now hardly anyone cares about them. Here we present you a brand new website of video conferencing developed by HireASPDeveloper (a Microsoft .Net Development Company) that exhibit all the necessary features required in next-gen web conferencing websites. Continue reading

.Net Framework Offers A Great Return On Investment For Your Business

Dot Net Professionals say “The .Net framework is an architectural model for the 3rd generation of online applications. It is constantly growing and development solutions done in .Net not only lower the complexity level in building applications but the cost and maintenance factors are significantly reduced. The framework has a lot of advantages which makes it a widely used tool for creating .Net apps.”

Continue reading

DotNetNuke (DNN) Development is the Call Of Today’s Market

DotNetNukeDotNetNuke can be called both i.e. a content management system as well as a framework that run on Microsoft It’s a cutting edge technology that lets developers to build a functionally rich website and applications, with no or minimal technical knowledge. As it is also a framework based on .net, its functionality and design can be extended by creating and adding modules as and when required.

DotNetNuke 7.0 has been released and has straight away stormed the market of CMS development. It brings tons of opportunities for developers to put their skills into act and create something never before. It exhibits all the necessary features for CMS development, database applications, social networking website, forums, blogs, sales and marketing website sites and the list goes on! Continue reading