Social Network and Entertainment Sites and Role of .Net Technology

In today’s e-market, demand and usage of social network and entertainment sites like online gaming is increasing rapidly. There is a considerable addition of many new such sites in the market every month. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc have gained tremendous market popularity in last few years. Today’s young generation is moving rapidly towards such social entertainment apps. Along with the social networking sites, online gaming applications are also very popular.

Creating such Social Network and Entertainment sites require an in-depth knowledge of this industry. Such sites can be developed using many diff. development technologies but among this, dotnet nuke social networking development is considered to be very popular in the market. Majority of such gaming and other social entertainment apps are developed using development languages like ASP.Net & C#. Such sites are always very heavy in size due to the excessive use of flash technology. Applications developed using .Net technology loads faster and runs smoothly compared to other technologies. That is the main reason that companies prefer .Net technology more over other development platforms.

Site like Facebook is highly popular social networking website. A market survey suggests that in last few months, Facebook is on the top of the list with highest daily hits. Technical aspect of the site suggests that there are many ASP.Net applications in Facebook.

For developing such websites, one should have the full knowledge of the social networking and entertainment world knowledge. There are no. of software companies that offer such type of dotnet nuke social networking web application development services. There are many readymade software available that helps building limited edition of such sites in no time.

Role of .Net Technology is crucial in the success of these Social Network and Entertainment Site.

Author : Bilal Momin

Bilal Momin

Bilal Momin

Chicago Heights, IL, USA
Bilal Momin is one of the Co-founders and CEO of I-verve Infoweb INC and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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